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Our own unique approach to investing.


We create our own tailored investment portfolios with the best research available. Where other financial planning practices may have set portfolios they tell you are tailored personally to you, we create a portfolio for each and every individual client according to their attitude towards risk, as well as their situation. We don't believe in 'set and forget.' All of this is included in our fee structure at no additional cost.


A strong belief of ours is in tactical asset allocation, this being aimed at reducing volatility. Quite simply, this means that we recommend the most relevant and viable asset classes for you to invest in (these may include cash, stocks, managed investments, property investments and securities). Reducing volatility comes through diversifying your asset classes to protect against unnecessary market forces that may impact these individually, but investing through multiple classes may reduce your overall risk of damage to your total investment value.


Why this strategy? Because it works.

Since our establishment in 2002, and through the 2008/09 Global Financial Crisis and the 2020 Covid19 pandemic, clients that have been with us through this period we can gladly say have seen growth in their portfolios. 


We also understand that outliving one's retirement savings can be a scary thought. We plan very thoroughly in ensuring that our retired clients who solely rely on a regular pension as income, will be adequately protected for an extended period of time against unexpected events. This strategy reduces unnecessary financial and psychological stress that can come with living in retirement.

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