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My American Trip

I thought I would put some information to you to consider from my recent visit to USA.

Areas of medicine have been stepping very much closer to extending human life, with the energy of a younger person.

Diseases such as Cancer, Dementia and Arthritis may be cured or at least slowed, and after seeing my mother suffering from Dementia and Parkinson's, a disease which is also affecting some of my clients, I decided to take an interest in this matter.

I was lucky enough to attend a session with Salesforces Global Futurist in the USA.

He gave a very broad insight into how the future could look like, and among other theories, he even thinks that children today can reach a life expectancy of 200.

That's right, 200...

People in their 50’s today could live at least 10 or 20 years longer, feeling younger and stronger as well, isn't that amazing?!

Imagine having no debt, being healthy and full of energy, would you still like to work or would you do something different?

The Ageing Research is currently being conducted at Harvard University by an Australian

Professor, Dr. David Sinclair. His team has already completed trials on rats.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please click on the video below. Also if you wish to discuss further with me, please contact me any time.


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