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Attracting and retaining key people whilst improving on the job performance.

As companies continue to search for ever higher levels of quality, service and agility, the pressures are felt on individuals at all levels of the organisation. The treadmill moves faster, companies work harder, improvements are made and so change becomes constant. Thanks to technology, work is now very portable and so for many, the post-dinner time zone has become prime time for answering e-mails, voice mails, faxes and the rest of what didn't get done during office hours.


It should be no surprise to learn that very few managers and senior executives truly have their personal financial affairs in order. It is this last point that presents a very real opportunity for organisations.


We offer you the Barnes Wealth Management 'Executive Financial Review Service'.


This service is designed for companies that wish to:

  • Be recognised as an employer of choice.

  • Show creativity in the provision of 'non-payroll' benefits.

  • Develop "goodwill" towards the company of their employee, their spouse and family.

  • Take a proactive role in not just their employee's physical well-being whilst on the job, but also their emotional and financial well-being when they are not.

The CEO and senior management make a significant contribution to company performance. Losing people at this level or failing to secure the best new talent is extremely expensive.

The Executive Financial Review service helps key people to function better and be more productive at work, and so delivers tangible benefits to employers of choice.

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