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Organising different types of events ensures we keep clients engaged, and happy with our service. This, we feel is a great way to add value and maintain healthy relationships with them while letting them interact with like-minded people in the similar lifestyle and financial situations.


Types of events we hold include investment fund manager meetings where industry speakers are invited to discuss both fund and market performance, planned holidays and golf trips to any corner of the globe, as well as casual catch-ups at our office or chosen venue. Check below for upcoming events.

Upcoming events



All events currently on hold due to the COVID-19 situation.

Check out our past events



  Some of our long-standing clients helped us celebrate our 15 year anniversary at Ambrose Estate, Wembley Golf Course in July. We enjoyed catching up over drinks and canapes and took the time to thank all of our clients who have become family over the past 15 years!

BWM Celebrates

15 Years!

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