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Our Individual Approach

At BWM our challenge is how we can deliver an individual approach and service the clients will value, keeping in mind the client’s best interests.


  • Understand our clients purpose and needs for their life.

  • Deliver unique strategies to help protect our client’s financial portfolios

  • Challenge the status quo with regards to the client’s beliefs, knowledge and directions

  • Deliver outcomes our customers value

  • Simplify the complicated issues.

  • Manage the big & small rocks that have not been completed

  • Build sensible and logical portfolios.

  • Connect with then anywhere, we are available on Skype, LINE, Email, Mobile, Facebook, LinkedIn and landline telephone.

  • See our clients as part of our Extended Family.

BWM believes in taking a personal and tailored approach to financial services, with the aim of adding more value, better protection and superior lifestyle for every client we service.

Eventually, our clients forget their finances as we have it under control.

Take that chance to change your life and call us today.


Barnes Wealth Management is a proud member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) and abides by its professional standards. The Code of Ethics sets out general standards of a mandatory and enforceable nature.


Observe high standards of honesty and integrity in conducting our business and in the provision of financial planning services.



Disclose to the client any limitation on our ability to provide objective financial planning services.



Provide competent financial planning services and maintain the necessary knowledge and skill to continue to do so, in those areas in which we are engaged.



Provide financial planning services that are fair and reasonable.


Act with due skill, care and diligence in the provision of financial planning services.



Conduct ourselves professionally and honourably at all times.



Not disclose any confidential information without the specific consent of the provider of that information, unless compelled to by law or as required to fulfil legal obligations.



Ensure our conduct complies with the Constitution of the FPA, the FPA's regulations and professional standards.

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