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Barnes Wealth Management consults to small and medium-sized business (SME) to protect the business and deliver a superior lifestyle for the stakeholders. We work as the Chief Financial Officer for the business as part of a project plan or as an ongoing consultant. Typically we are the key management point to deliver a business plan.


We also work as part of the team of professionals that links the business plan with the key stakeholders' personal Financial Plans. The other professionals are typical, Accountants, Lawyers, Marketing Consultants & business coaches.


We offer the following services to our families:


  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services

  • Non-Executive Board Service

  • Strategic Advice Services

  • Consulting Project Services

  • Investment Management

  • Asset Protection Management Service

  • Intergenerational - Wealth Transfer Plans

  • Business Succession Plans

  • Accounting Management

  • Business Consulting Services

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